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Advisor Collaborations

At NFB, our goal is to build partnerships with existing independent financial advisers and other professional practices. This makes sense as the capital, qualifications, compliance and other aspects of the profession bring sustainability into question for good, existing financial advisers and other professionals, such as accountants and attorneys who have provided advice to clients as a non-core service..

This means we seek to form relationships with accredited professional financial advisors who offer unbiased advice, relevant product solutions and who have met the regulatory “fit and proper” requirements as set out by the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS)

Our potential partners could benefit from NFB’s armoury of deep knowledge, innovative strategies, scale and operational efficiency. In particular, these opportunities include collaborative marketing efforts, asset management capabilities, leveraged pricing, IT proficiencies, fiduciary services and access to our asset management business and its rigorous due diligence processes.

NFB has partnered with several accounting firms and fellow IFA businesses and welcomes contact from others seeking to address the ever increasing pressures from regulation, compliance, financial adequacy and other changes to the professional landscape.

We also represent an exciting option for more mature advisors where succession is a challenge, where a joint venture, or acquisition strategy could be considered. This allows a professional considering retirement an option to stay involved without all of the hassle, remaining client facing, earning, but using NFB as the back office and doing all of the research and other “bits”.

Partner with us today

If you are a qualified financial advisor or professional practice and would like to partner with NFB, please contact us.