Rain Walking

Holistic Approach

NFB Private Wealth offers investment portfolio optimisation, retirement, tax and estate planning, risk management, business assurance and asset management services. Our success is based on our knowledge, built up over 30 years of successfully creating wealth for our clients.

NFB is about real relationships, developed through the direct and personal interactions of our advisors and support staff with our clients.test

We are pedantic about costs and scrutinise every cent we charge clients and every cent we pay out of the business. We consistently review our costs to ensure that the cost-to-value relationship of what we offer is fair and appropriate. The scale of the NFB Group and quality of our business relationships is used to ensure our clients get an outcome that they might otherwise not have. We give clients access to unique investment opportunities not available to the broader market.

We adhere to, and believe in, the ethics and principles of Treating Customers Fairly. It guides our interactions with clients and governs the way we do business.


At NFB, wealth is more than just money in the bank. It is about longevity and achieving long-term aspirations.

At NFB, we believe in focusing on our core proposition of using our knowledge to create long-term wealth plans for our clients. We outsource non-core functions (corporate finance, trust administration, management services, complex tax consultation) to maintain a strict focus on our core competencies and developing personal client relationships.


NFB helps clients protect the businesses they have worked so hard to build. We provide advice on cost-effective key-man insurance, as well as buy and sell agreements.


Life insurance is one of the key aspects of a successful financial plan. It provides financial security in case of a serious illness, disability or death. NFB reviews clients’ lifestyle needs and provides cost-effective solutions and levels of cover that meet desired risk outcomes.


Our key insights into estate planning allows us to minimise estate duty while maximising the value of our clients’ legacies. We review our clients’ current estate structure and can act as an agent or executor to ensure our clients’ wealth is efficiently passed on to their loved ones.


We provide expert guidance, tools and products to help clients preserve and grow their capital and prepare for retirement on their terms.


NFB Asset Management is a wholly owned, yet operationally independent, subsidiary of NFB Financial Services Group. Our asset management capabilities include carrying out detailed quantitative and qualitative due diligence across more than 1200 local and offshore unit trust funds. Our quantitative due diligence process begins with screening funds based on fund size and performance history.  Portfolios are then reviewed based on various quantitative metrics including, but not limited to, correlation, liquidity, volatility and concentration. Our qualitative due diligence allows us to better understand a manager’s particular investment style and philosophy. By reconciling these processes, we provide clients with risk-profiled solutions, both in the single and multi-manager space, as well as a screened houseview of funds.


Tax plays a significant role in investments. NFB focuses on providing holistic tax solutions that address regulatory and compliance complexities. We provide expert financial advice to ensure that clients have access to their money when needed, while maximising after-tax investment returns.


NFB provides investment advice across the scale of risk-aligned solutions, ranging from tax efficient yield-enhancing cash management strategies to direct offshore exposure and structured products. Our portfolio recommendations are tailored to clients’ specific risk profiles, investment goals and income needs.


Our 30-year industry heritage is testament to our performance as well as our longevity. Time and time again, we have fulfilled our promise to craft and review financial strategies that meet and, oftentimes, exceed client expectations.

Join us on the journey to rewarding wealth, prosperity and peace of mind by partnering with us today.