NFB Asset Management Fund Ratings and Awards

The 2020 First Quarter Fund Ranks and Ratings for NFB AM

Justin Boyce

Justin Boyce

NFB Asset Management Intern

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NFB Asset Management Fund Ratings and Awards

Plexcrown Ratings   

PlexCrown Fund Ratings released its Unit Trust Survey for the first quarter of 2020 recently. NFB Asset Management is pleased to inform you that:

  • The NFB Ci Stable Fund A class has 5 PlexCrowns (the maximum possible) and is currently 7th out of 88 funds.
  • The NFB Ci Managed Fund A class also has 5 PlexCrowns and ranks 10th out of 119 funds.
  • The NFB Asset Management business itself also has 5 PlexCrowns and remains joint 1st out of 120 South African Multi-Asset Fund Management Businesses

5 PlexCrowns are awarded to those funds, in their respective sectors, or fund management business ranked in the top 10% using a complex methodology that includes minimum acceptable rates of returns, Sharpe ratios (a measure of risk-adjusted performance) and Sortino ratios (a measure of downside risk-adjusted returns) amongst other factors.

Raging Bull

PlexCrown together with Profile Data and Personal Finance are responsible for determining the Raging Bull winners in January each year. The Raging Bull Awards recognises the top performers across a wide range of sectors and acknowledges investment managers in terms of top outright performers, best risk-adjusted performers and the best unit trust management companies. At the January 2020 Raging Bull awards ceremony, NFB Asset Management received the following recognition:

  • The NFB Ci Stable Fund was one of three funds nominated as the Best South African Multi-asset Low Equity Fund for risk-adjusted performance over five years to December 31, 2019. The award ultimately going to Kagiso Stable Fund by Kagiso Asset Management

Morningstar Addendum:

  • The NFB Ci Stable Fund and the NFB Ci Managed Fund have a 5 star and 4 star rating respectively; with 5 stars being the maximum possible.

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