NFB Wealth Manager Profile – Jaco van Zyl

Meet Jaco, one of NFB's esteemed Private Wealth Managers.

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NFB Wealth Manager Profile – Jaco van Zyl

How did you end up in this industry?

I took a slightly different path into the world of financial services. My early career was spent on the driving range, fairways, and greens in pursuit of becoming a professional golfer, an achievement I’m very proud to have accomplished.  

In November 2012, I joined Discovery as a financial advisor. There I spent five years, advising primarily on risk and investment products. It was an experience rich in learning that stands me in good stead today.  

Why do you love being a Wealth Manager?

Much of my personal happiness comes from the relationships I have with others. As a wealth manager, I have the privilege of meeting a diversity of characters; it’s not an opportunity I take for granted, and it’s one of the joys of being a wealth manager.

But even more importantly, my job allows me to help people navigate and improve a critical component of their lives. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing my clients reach their financial goals. That, too, is a privilege I don’t take for granted.

What should most people focus on when managing their wealth?

Everything flows from proper budgeting. It’s a practice that must become a habit if you want to create and amass wealth. With a functioning budget, saving, the lifeblood of any financial plan, becomes second nature rather than something that causes stress and anxiety. Part of my job is to help my clients develop and maintain this discipline.

Another area that needs our constant attention is the diversification of the assets that comprise our wealth. It’s often difficult to see where your wealth might be overly concentrated. But leaving such imbalances unaddressed increases the risk of bad wealth outcomes. The importance of diversifying one’s wealth across asset classes, geographical locations, and currencies cannot be understated. 

If you were a client, what would you look for in a Wealth Manager?

All the relationships we consider mutually beneficial in life have trust at their core. The relationship between you and your wealth manager is no different. In deciding who to trust with my money, I’d ask those I already trust, my friends and family, who manages their wealth. Then I’d meet with a few of them to find the best chemistry.

Almost as important is the financial services firm the advisor works for. A wealth management business with a good reputation, a long track record, and the clout to give the wealth manager the tools they need to deliver a world-class service are all important pieces of the puzzle.

Why did you choose to work at NFB Wealth Management?

Providing financial advice, that improves the lives of my clients, requires teamwork. It’s why people, and the culture they live and breathe, were my first consideration when deciding on where to further my career.

NFB Wealth Management is full of individuals who care deeply about their clients. While this can be attributed to their calibre, it’s also because they love the business they work for, and they want it to succeed. And the only way NFB Wealth Management can thrive is if our clients receive outstanding service. In other words, our purpose is aligned with that of the people we serve.  

What advice would you give your younger self?

Get your budget in order ASAP! Once you have that in place, make sure you adopt a life-long philosophy of investing in yourself. Keep exploring what’s important to you and take the necessary steps to align yourself with the appropriate vocation, ideals, or values.

Like so much in life – including the creation of wealth – the first step is often the hardest. So, just take the leap, and begin. You’ll be richer for it.

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