[Video] Youth Finance Savvy Series

Empowering young investors on their financial wellness journeys

Thuli Nkomo CFP®

Thuli Nkomo CFP®

Private Wealth Manager

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[Video] Youth Finance Savvy Series

For Youth Month, Thulisile Nkomo, NFB Private Wealth Manager proudly partnered with #Moneyweb on the Youth Finance Savvy Series, to empower young investors on their financial wellness journeys.

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Episode 1: 
Young Investor
What to consider financially when planning for your children's future

Episode 2: Managing Debt

Becoming financially-savvy with debt management.



Episode 3: Smart Saving for Young Investors
Top tips for smart saving for young investors in accumulating assets



Episode 4: Renting vs Buying Property in Your Youth


The Youth Finance Savvy Series was originally published on Moneyweb:

Episode 1: How are you investing in your family’s future?
Episode 2: Tips to better manage your debt
Episode 3: Smart saving for young investors
Episode 2: 
Renting vs buying property in your youth

How are you investing in the future of your family?   Moneyweb-Youth-Series-02-Tips-to-better-manage-your-debt-TN-b



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