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Who we are

When times are tough, a consistent, structured approach to financial management is necessary.

We have strategically synthesised our business capabilities into an integrated financial services ecosystem. We’ve done this so that we can meet your needs throughout your financial journey.

With an experienced wealth manager to guide you and a team of financial experts lighting the way, we take great care in assessing your requirements and crafting a bespoke financial strategy for you to achieve your goals.

From growing and preserving your wealth to maturing into the golden years of retirement, we’re there at every step to help achieve your objectives on reaching each of life’s milestones.

Tough economic climates call for preparation and resilience to achieve results.

When markets are volatile and confidence is low, searching for reassurance is human instinct. Your path to future certainty lies in a financial plan crafted by a team of professional wealth managers and financial planners with the skills, knowledge and independence to empower you with the security you seek and the financial rewards you’ve earned.

The NFB approach

Unwavering dedication

  • Financial expertise starts with a relationship: we take great care in understanding our clients, getting to know their story and their specific financial objectives; so that we can guide their journey with care and insight.
  • Money managers who appreciate the value of time: We’re always looking for ways to save our clients time and effort, by making it a convenience and a pleasure to work with us.
  • A truly tailored client experience: each financial journey is unique, and requires a bespoke service offering aligned to the client’s distinctive lifestyle and future ambitions.
  • The advantages of our independence: we are proudly independent which allows us to be unbiased in the crafting of a solution-based financial management strategy for clients, matching the top product offerings on the open market to their needs, without compromise or institutional lock-in.
  • Cutting the complexity out of wealth management: our highly-qualified specialists advise and arm clients with the knowledge and insight they need to make informed decisions.
  • Taking care of investment management strategy execution: On client request, we’re able to make discretionary calls when necessary; allowing them to maintain their focus on other priorities while we handle the investment allocation decisions in their portfolios.

Tell us who you are

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    We offer individuals the opportunity to build a close relationship with professional wealth managers and financial advisors dedicated to serving their best interests.


    Financial advisor

    By joining NFB, we offer financial advisors the opportunity to leverage our scale, compliance, portfolio solutions and administrative capacities in order to focus on optimising and growing their client base.



    We tailor solutions to meet the current and future needs of various legal entities, by addressing their investments, cash solutions and long term insurance needs.

What we do

We turn knowledge into wealth

Firm believers in consistency, we stick to what works, but we’re not afraid to look at the possibilities. We have an instinct for growth; using hard won experience along with new age due diligence to achieve exceptional results for our clients.

Always learning, always growing, we embrace knowledge as a structure for creating relationships that result in sustainable financial security. We work together across business units to provide clients with a single-view of their affairs, and a single point of contact through which to achieve their financial aspirations.


History of NFB

We have a history of bringing shared wealth opportunities to fruition

  • 1985

    • NFB Financial Services Group is founded with offices in Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.
    • NFB establishes a presence in East London.
    • NFB establishes a presence in Johannesburg.
  • 1990

    • NFB operations extend to Frankfurt.
    • Fedsure Ltd. acquires 49% of NFB.
  • 1997

    • NFB Short-Term Insurance formally establishes in East London.
    • NFB Employee Benefits and Healthcare Divisions opened in East London.
  • 2000

    • NFB Group launches its own branded wrap fund and exclusive share portfolio management division comes to life as Portfolio Management Services (PMS) in East London.
    • NFB is selected one of South Africa’s top 20 non-listed companies.
    • NFB is selected one of South Africa’s top 20 non-listed companies for the second time.
    • NFB is again acknowledged as a top 20 non-listed South African company for a third time.
  • 2005

    • NFB Asset Management is formally established in Johannesburg.
    • NFB Private Wealth Management East London is awarded third place in the Celestis South African Best Practice of the Year Award.
    • The East London businesses restructure to become the NVest Group of Companies, of which NFB is a subsidiary.
    • NVest Securities formally establishes in East London.
  • 2009

    • NFB East London is awarded Finalist in the Border Kei Chamber of Business Awards.
    • NFB acquires 70% of Independent Executor and Trust.
    • NVest Properties formally established in East London.
  • 2015

    • The Group holding company lists on the JSE Alternate Exchange. Nvest Financial Holdings acquires 100% of NFB Gauteng, and NFB Asset Management.
    • NFB Asset Management buys a stake in Ci Holdings which itself owns 100% of the Ci unit trust management company.
    • NVest Financial Holding acquires Three Oaks Capital to strengthen its presence in Port Elizabeth.
    • NFB Asset Management wins a Raging Bull Award and gains a nomination for a Morningstar Award.
    • NFB Private Wealth Management started the ASISA Intern program.
    • NVest Securities extends to Johannesburg.
  • 2018

    • NFB Private Wealth Management Gauteng wins Intellidex Award for the Top Wealth Management Boutique of the Year.
    • NFB Asset Management wins second Raging Bull Award, and two Morningstar Awards.
    • NFB AM International formally establishes in Mauritius.
    • Nations NFB formally establishes in Gauteng (level two B-BBEE).
  • 2019

    • NVest Properties invests in the Illovo Point building in Gauteng.
    • NFB Asset Management wins a third Raging Bull Award, and two Morningstar Awards as well as being nominated for one.
    • NFB Private Wealth Management Gauteng, NFB Asset Management and NVest Securities move into new Illovo Point offices, Johannesburg.

The kaleidoscope of people each with their skills and backgrounds, are enabled to have a voice and make a difference, this is a massive strength to NFB

Mike Estment

Chairman NFB - Private Wealth Management


What can our clients
expect from us?

Our seasoned approach to wealth management, developed face to face with clients, ensures a truly personalised blueprint for achieving future growth and financial security.

  • Deep, personal relationships with our long-serving people who collaborate across business units to assure that every decision made for clients is the best possible one.
  • We understand better than most the entrepreneurial spirit that drives our clients, and offer the support necessary to turn their aspirations into reality.
  • We provide sound financial advice tailored on an appreciation for their needs with due consideration given to economic and market factors.
  • We help clients to see the bigger picture, by taking care of the full spectrum of their financial planning requirements - from asset management, to healthcare advisory, risk planning, long term insurance, fiduciary services, estate planning and portfolio management - smoothing out the details of every aspect of their financial journey.
  • We help clients to prepare for every eventuality, so that they can stick to their plan for the future, knowing that all risks have been properly considered and covered.
  • We offer an advice-driven strategy to fit every requirement - our independence ensures we can provide clients with the best product options for every goal.
  • We understand that for our clients, time is money, which is why we never waste these precious commodities.

Client Testimonials

In a digitally-driven world, our clients appreciate the human touch with which we deliver our services. Here’s what they have to say about our company and people:

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