Private Wealth Management

Entrusting your wealth to money managers with an instinct for growth is the smartest step you can take on your journey to financial peace of mind.


You’ll find that we’re different because of how we do business. Everything we do is centered around your need for future financial well being.

We pride ourselves on impeccable personalised client service, presenting tailored financial strategies with unique investment solutions and opportunities across a full range of asset classes and geographies.

With NFB Private Wealth Management by your side, you’ll find peace of mind in the fact that every aspect of your financial plan is expertly handled.

How can wealth management help you?

Without a solid plan of action to achieve them, financial goals remain wishes. Our expert private wealth managers backed by a team of specialists will help you achieve financial certainty through a structured wealth management plan that is tailored to meet your current needs, while securing the future you aspire to.

With the right private wealth manager along for the journey, you’ll be better prepared to tackle life’s challenges, provide for your family and achieve your goals. As your financial life partner, we make a commitment to walk alongside you through the good times and the bad.

We do this by:

  • Cutting the complexity from wealth management through ongoing advice and collaboration to equip you to make informed investment decisions.
  • Making discretionary investment allocation calls where necessary, so you can spend more time on what’s really important.

The Value of Independence

We are proudly independent private wealth managers.

Because we’re not legally bound to any financial brand or institution, we’re free to provide impartial advice aligned to your best interests, within a risk-controlled framework. Better still, you’re free to pick and choose from our financial service offerings as best fits your objectives, without lock-in or obligation.

We listen before we advise, and it is our independence that ensures our focus is always in the right place: on fulfilling your needs as a client. Backed by a wealth of knowledge and experience, our professionals will help you to make rational, informed decisions and to stick to your personal financial plan.


What you should know about NFB Private Wealth Managers

  • We take a holistic approach to your wealth management, helping you to see the bigger picture through investment portfolio optimisation, retirement, tax and estate planning, business and personal assurance and asset management services, successfully utilising our knowledge built up over 30 years of creating wealth for our clients.
  • We are pedantic about costs, scrutinising every aspect of the fee chain, consistently reviewing that the cost-to-value relationship of portfolios is fair and appropriate; our scale allows us to negotiate competitive and often unique pricing structures for the benefit of our clients.
  • Our clients have access to bespoke investment opportunities not available to the broader market.
  • We adhere firmly to the ethics and principles of Treating Customers Fairly. This guides our interactions with clients, governs the way we do business and is deeply ingrained in our culture.

Our quest for knowledge is tireless

Our dynamic working relationship with the experts in NFB Asset Management and NVest Securities provides our private wealth managers with all the intellectual support and due diligence they require, including real time research data to inform and enhance their ability to assist clients in wealth management and preservation.

Portfolio assessments and planning

NFB offers obligation-free investment portfolio assessments to help clients to identify and define investment strategies, or assess their existing portfolio structures.

We review your portfolio regularly in order to ensure that the investment strategy remains appropriate given your changing needs and circumstances, the market environment and legislation.

Investment planning

As Private Wealth Managers, we’re here to help you make better choices for your ultimate objectives - whether for current needs, retirement or legacy purposes - to build and preserve your wealth by diversifying your portfolio, investing for the long term, ensuring sufficient liquidity and optimising your investment results according to your specific risk tolerance.


Income-generating investment contract providing a predetermined level of income

Linked Endowments

Tax-efficient, flexible investment vehicles


Pre and post retirement vehicles that invest in Unit Trusts and / or shares


Local or global investment instruments for clean exposure to various asset classes including cash, bonds, property and equities


Providing an optimal blend of talented investment managers to achieve a pre-specified risk objective


Carefully selected property shares/ funds allow participation in rental income generated by a portfolio


Tax efficient dividend-distributing investments


Physically domiciled offshore investments using discretionary allowance or tax clearances


Obtain currency diversification in the same way as direct offshore investments, except investment and payout is in Rands


Locally or globally domiciled share portfolios

Unit Trusts

Medium to long-term investment affording access to actively managed portfolios, purchased for income generation or capital growth

Retirement Planning

Retirement provision is one of the most critical aspects of every individual's investment portfolio. With less than 6% of South Africans able to retire in comfort, planning for retirement is the most important thing you can do for your future today.

Planning for retirement means more than just setting aside a portion of your monthly income for the future. It means deciding what that future will look like. If you have a spouse, it’s a good idea to include them in this process as you’ll be deciding how you want to live when your working life is behind you. We offer an advice-driven, comprehensive retirement planning process analysis to ensure you never have to worry about becoming a statistic.

Risk Cover Planning

Every individual should consider risk cover. This provides protection and liquidity in the event of death, disability or illness to ensure that your family’s financial needs are catered for. Risk cover needs to be tailored according to your individual lifestyle, taking into account factors like profession, income and dependants. We perform a full financial needs analysis to determine the necessary insurance levels.

We’re able to guide clients through the significant complexities of the insurance industry, helping to navigate price and benefit differences across multiple products and providers, ensuring appropriately structured cover for very specific individual needs.

We reassess client needs and product options every few years to ensure that cover and premium are still aligned.

  • Life Assurance
  • Disability
  • Terminal Illness (Dread Disease)
  • Income Protection

For individuals with business interest (such as equity) in private companies, we provide advice around:

  • Buy and Sell Agreement
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Contingent Liability Insurance

Fiduciary Services

At the core of our fiduciary service is an understanding of your need to provide for your family’s future through a meaningful legacy.

Working closely with your private wealth manager, we plan how best to manage and preserve your wealth for generations to come.

Estate Planning

Planning for the future also includes planning for when you’re no longer around. An estate plan is a prudent measure that ensures that your surviving spouse and minor children are taken care of, when you’re no longer around to do it.

Estate Planning is focused on preserving and protecting your assets for the benefit of subsequent generations and to ensure that there is sufficient liquidity in the estate to cover estate duty, taxes, bequests, debts and administration costs.

Drafting your Will

More than legal documents, Wills for you and your family are a necessary part of your estate plan. A Will clarifies how you wish to hand down your estate and assets, establishes who will administer your estate, who will look after your minor children, how their inheritance will be controlled, and how your family must carry out your wishes.

With a clear view of your overall financial affairs, we can assist you in drafting your Will, taking into account both local and foreign assets, and their respective jurisdictions.

Administration of Estates

As executor, our job is to effectively step into the shoes of the deceased, winding up financial affairs and distributing assets in accordance with the directions contained in the Will.

We perform our entrusted tasks efficiently, tax effectively and timeously, in terms of the Administration of Estates Act, to ensure that inheritances are not unduly delayed for beneficiaries.

We can help with all aspects of estate planning, drafting of Wills, administration of deceased estates and testamentary trusts. In carrying out our duties, we are compassionate, caring, skilful and accommodating toward beneficiaries.


Our Treasury Division specialises in Cash Solutions, facilitating the placement of client funds in a variety of market instruments to ensure a higher rate determined by the total investment book.

Instruments include:

  • Daily Call Accounts
  • Fixed and Notice Deposits
  • Corporate Saver
  • Money Market Fund

Your interactions with our Treasury Division will be characterised by:

  • Low Risk
  • Competitive Rates
  • Professional Service
  • Regular Reporting
  • Security and Peace of Mind
  • Complete Confidentiality


Need a partner in growing your wealth for the future? Find your Private Wealth Manager today.

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