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The best risk mitigation technique is knowledge. We work with clients to help them see the wood for the trees.


NFB's stockbroking and investment services are provided by NVest Securities

Established in 2008, NVest Securities is an investment management and stockbroking firm, offering a broad range of local and offshore investment portfolios, tailored to meet the exact needs of our clients as individuals.

As a member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, our stockbrokers are authorised to advise on listed instruments, offering investments in all JSE listed securities - direct equity or shares and listed property stocks. Our portfolio options include several model types to suit your risk profile and investment objectives as an investor looking to gain equity exposure.

Crafted to suit your individual investment requirements, discretionary share portfolios take into account your specific risk appetite and the level of involvement you require.

Our Investment Philosophy

When it comes to investing, we believe that common sense should always prevail. This means not losing sight of the bigger picture, because we are too focused on the details.

Providing perspective is at the core of our investment approach. We help you to see the wood for the trees by distinguishing between actionable information and noise.

Knowledge is our greatest risk mitigation technique. We understand that managing your money is a very personal, very real responsibility and as such, your specific needs are important in shaping the construction of your portfolio.

  • We aim to know as much as possible about the companies we cover, holding management to account over forecasts and promises made.
  • We maintain a position of constant vigilance, tracking information related to economies, sentiment and actual share price movements.

Our competitive advantage lies in our unemotional and longer-term based methodology, all of which ensure that our investors are appropriately compensated (by way of future earnings growth) for the risk they take in investing, or remaining invested today.

Our Investment Process

As a client, you have direct access to our stockbrokers and portfolio managers, which means that as an investor, you have a personal relationship with your investment manager.

With a clear understanding of your risk appetite, our rigorous valuation methodology produces superior returns. No detail is too small to be overlooked, because our investment process follows several diligent steps to cover all possible bases:

  • We buy only good businesses. Firms with established products, long track records, competitive advantages, strong balance sheets and the ability to service debt levels in various economic scenarios.
  • We then develop a model generating a 3 year IRR, which involves ranking stocks according to potential returns.
  • Potential investments are then thoroughly vetted against third party research, management interaction and by our in-house investment committee.
  • We keep the process dynamic and flexible, constantly adjusting models and valuation as new information flows in.
  • We hold regular Portfolio and Investment Committee meetings to review our models and share feedback.

Discretionary Share Portfolio Management

Global General Equity Mandate

Interested in offshore investment? This is your opportunity to gain exposure to a focused portfolio of equities listed on stock exchanges from around the world.

While the main aim is to invest in worldwide blue chip companies with a primary listing in developed markets, emerging market exposure can be used to complement the blue chip underpin of your portfolio.

Local General Equity Mandate

This is an investment opportunity for you, should you wish to gain exposure to a concentrated portfolio of equities listed predominantly on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The primary concern in a local equity portfolio is the generation of long term capital growth and no attempt is made to lower portfolio volatility. This means that as an investor, you should be comfortable with the risks associated with investing in the equity market. While the yield of an asset is an important factor in total return, such a portfolio does not aim to generate a specifically targeted level of income.

Here, your targeted asset allocation is equities only. This remains the principal exposure, although it may be invested in cash, preference shares, listed property and participatory interests in selected collective investment schemes and ETFs, in response to changing market conditions.

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